How can I submit a complaint against the supports (moderators) of a Russian-language forum

Guys, terrible things are happening on our forum.
They give me bans absolutely illegal and for no reason.
Nobody gives a paragraph of the rules that were violated. They give bans for words that have been used 100500 times on the forum.
Where and to whom can I provide proofs to test these guys for adequacy and bias?

For example one of my message which was banned:
Not to know who Tony is and to say adequate - how can you dazzle this into a logical chain? Is it that bad?

and another one

I gave you a bunch of examples of where you can spend gold, and instead you typically became rage , came up with an indistinct excuse and went personal insults. In general, this is all familiar to me on this forum.

Perhaps you might try the Support Site Feedback category.

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