How Can Anyone Support Blizzard Anymore?


Bans Blitzchung in favor of China’s money.
Lies with a fake apology that was not even GOOD.
Spews Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 to make sure all you good little goldfish forget their screwup.

Now completely lies about Warcraft 3: ReMarketed.
Withholds refunds. Which is pretty much illegal in some places.
Bans people for giving refund help.

How can ANY of you support Blizzard after all this? They’ve done nothing but abuse their playerbase’s intelligence for months on end with lies and half-truths. Warcraft 3 is just another in a line of middle fingers aimed at the consumer.

Stop letting them spit in your face and walk away with your money.


Yeah, it’s not looking good. After looking at all the nonsense I’m seeing, I was considering jumping ship off WoW. I still do enjoy the game, but everywhere I go is gated by literal time vs farming. Farming is a pain, but if I want the desired request in a day, I can do it if I want to. Now I have to wait weeks for flying because the achievement for pathfinder secretly had mechagon and Nazjatar rep like a separate bar, and only found out I needed that after getting revered with all the reps and wasnt flying. That was an intentional move no doubt. I’m just seeing greed everywhere.

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You forgot Modern warfare, a lots of players couldn’t even launch the game ( like me ), never refunded.

I have played since 2006, Pathfinder is the reason I quit I always check the Discussion board to see if they fixed the issue with flying, I don’t have a lot of time to play I have a family to care for, the rep farm has turned WoW into a task rather than a game for me I can’t have fun anymore I must play one toon to open up flying and the requirement is to do that takes away from fun things to do.

With the advent of endless rep farming needed to just fly in this xpac I just can’t do it why can’t it be much more simple, I think it’s reasonable to say that Bliz has made it unfair for those who don’t have the amount of time to play required for flying. I feel when I pay my sub that money is used to make the game more enjoyable for a smaller group of players vs making it more enjoyable for all. It should be. I hope in the next expac we can have a fair system for all to have flying, Go to a flightmaster and buy it. This is just my opnion only, it’s what made me quit.

you are right, here in australia it is illegal to refuse refunds on broken products. requested one for modern warfare multiple times and rejected everytime due to play time apparently, yes i have played it a few hours but that was before the game out right wont launch now. already made a report to the ACCC and my bank about a forced charge back.