HotS - Away busy modes

Why, when you have offline status in bnet app, can’t you show offline in HotS game?

Why is the option not there when you want to go undercover?

Offline mode from bnet app works for sc2, how did you manage to not make it work for games developped afterwards?

If something is working great for one game, please take notice of it so that your experience is useful as you develop more games. That way, you can increase customer experience.

I don’t understand how a 20 year old company keeps getting worse over time.

Then the higher management won’t understand the downfall and why profits aren’t going up.

Then your friends find out that you’re online and get mad that you’re hiding and they silence you on discord so you can’t apologize and that’s the account you thought you’d try out Nitro on so you refuse to make another account and then you realize it’s a private server anyways. So you cut ties and run. Run to a place far from a friends list. Where you can sit green online for hours and not a soul would message you and try to ruin your Quick Match because you’re level 1800 and your level 400 friends are still learning proper camp timing and calling that out while you try and peel for an over aggressive Xul just isn’t going to happen. TOTALLY.