High monster notice

That silly ‘high level monsters’ icon in the bottom of the screen needs to GO AWAY! I know the monsters are high level - I am at Combat Power 1178, on Hell II. I know that Hell II suggests CP of 1220, I am perfectly aware of that - I don’t need that icon displayed. It gets in the way when clicking during combat, hitting it by accident and opening up the window warning me. Have died numerous times because of that - can’t see and clicking to close it! GET RID OF IT!


I was specifically searching for this topic and I expected more people would complain.

I had the same problem, died several times because of it. This game has so many other more serious problems, I suppose this is the last thing they will change, since this is the only post I could find considering this topic.

Same here, it’s very frustrating when it shows up on the screen. Guess this is a pay to win after all, since they want you to spend money to lvl up faster so you don’t get this notification.

If anyone from Blizzard is listening at all, you should fix this s**t cause it’s annoying

Thank you…

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