Heros journey rewards

In heros journey chapter 4, one challenge is to complete 2 maps 100%. Task has already been completed before chapter started but didn’t receive anything and it will not show progress if task it near completion.

Hey Ayardgnome,

Unfortunately this is a matter of poor wording in the game.

That particular step in the Hero’s Journey is not to explore the physical map 100%. Instead, it’s to complete 100% of the “Exploration” of a zone.

Meaning, in the Exploration part of the codex must be at 100% for a particular zone.

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Please don’t reset the Heroes Journey on the 15th of December.
I still need 4 Beastry to complete it. Please let me complete this. Or at least make Beastry entries easier to complete. It is really frustrating that I’m staying here since a month. Only this is missing.

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