Hero's Journey resetted

I am over level 388 but I lost all my achievements after the last update on Heros Journey. I am now at level 1 again. I’ve completed everything before and I was at level 6
Can you please help me?

This is not a bug.

From the patch notes for Terror’s Tide (the patch that went live on 14th December)…

Hero’s Journey

Following the maintenance windows for this Major Content Update, all current progress for Hero’s Journey Chapters One through Six will be paused and a new Hero’s Journey will begin. Only Chapters One through Four will be available for the new Hero’s Journey, with Chapters Five and Six coming later.

To ease Chapter completion, we have removed all Zone event tasks from Hero’s Journey. While completing their Chapters, adventurers will receive a bevy of rewards, and once Chapter Four is completed, they will receive the Boundary Walker Portrait Frame—a token of triumph.

This Hero’s Journey is planned to be available for about six months, similar to the first iteration—we will update you once we have an exact end date confirmed.

OK, such an interesting update is this,
In normal world’s law, you cant do this easily.
But I am fine with getting awards again easily :slight_smile: