Heroes of the storm keeps disconnecting me

Hi there, I have a very peculiar issue, I keep getting disconnected from Heroes of the storm. Now, before you say this is a hardware issue, it’s not, I have a 3080ti, 64gb of RAM and a 100mbps connection. Has anyone else had this issue? The game freezes, it says “reconnecting” and then I have to exit the game, when I do, it starts an auto update, lasting 2-3 sec and then I can play again. I tried turning off the auto update function, same thing, only I have to manually update it. The issue is very frustrating.

I am having this same issue. I can play WoW just fine but when I play HoTS I get repeatedly disconnected. I’m certain it’s not an internet issue as well because the rest of my stuff continues streaming, working, etc. But HoTS disconnects repeatedly. I spend half of the game trying to reconnect.