Hero’s journey deadline and bestiary restrictions

Since the merge occurred the monster spawn is low and impossible to retain 100 monster kill streak. Bestiary is also capped to 3 pages per day and with hero’s journey reset in 4 weeks, how do I complete ? I’ve been working on HJ V for months, stagnant at 91% completion of all zones… please advise

You dont complete it. It’s ending and being replaced with a new one. What ever is not finished is lost and replaces with new things to do and new awards. And this is not a technical support issue.

With the latest update, now I have 20 days to complete Hero’s Journey. With skill and dedication, and with more than 830 hours of gameplay I could complete first 5 chapters of Hero’s Journey. Also, I have completed all gameplay related objectives of the last chapter. Now I only need Horadric Bestiary related quests which is dependent on pure luck and which I could not complete during last 2 months.

If you want to do lottery, please do so seperately. But for this Hero’s Journey, I spent hundrets of hours of gameplay. And I’m there for 2 months. Just luck is needed now. It is very unfair to add luck factor to something we spent hundrets of hours of hard work.

Please fix this unfair model and find a proper solution to this Horadric Bestiary.

Yes, you might remove it on next Hero’s Jurney, but we also spent hundrets of hours on this, current Hero’s Journey. Why we are punished by a random lottery?

Again, me and people like me spent hundrets of hours of gameplay, skill, dedication, hard work to reach here and we want to comlete the current Hero’s Journey. Don’t punish us by some random lottery system…

Limited to 3 per day and still want us to finish until dec 14? With the crappy bestiary lottery i’m still at chap 4 with only bestiary and hidden lair objectives remaining. no chance to complete, then they will end all the work and hours we played the game and reset it. I’m really close to leaving this game, at least give us 5star gems / telluric pearls for the effort we put in to try to complete 100% zone completion with those stuck at 80% and above.

Lol how did possibly come to that conclusion? No, they don’t expect us to finishing it. They are ONLY saying when it ends. Its no different than not finishing anything else in the game before it resets.

And stop playing vicitm. You got all the rewards of the chapters you finished. Also you can still finish the zones to 100%. Nothing is changing there.


Seems like not including the end date when the event started would be a technical issue that was recently addressed. Or are you telling us it was a business decision that was made to make sure FTP players suffer?

No, technical issues are things like crashes, install issues, patching issues, performance issues. Nothing that has to do with the normal functioning of the game. But yes it was a dev decision, minus your victim mentality about it being made so you could suffer. God, listen to yourself, you can’t even think rationally about it: the limiting factor for almost everyone is the bestiary pages. Those are 3 a day for everybody… f2p and whales alike. But noooooooo, you conveniently ignore that and act like you are somehow being singled out.

Making a lot of assumptions here about me. Either it was a technical issue or a business decision. No need for personal attacks.

If you dont want people to assume things about you, dont be so hyperbolic. No, it wasn’t to “make sure” any one “suffers”, that’s the victim mentality. No, technical issue are things I listed above.

Not putting an end date was a decision they made at the time. Time passes, they decide to change how the feature works. All dev decisions.

And there were no personal attacks. A personal attack would be one that had nothing to do with your points. Now… a call out? Yes. I did that by taking your points and rebutting them. The fact that you think those were personal attacks is further evidence that you don’t think rationally about things.

Except the part where you said that I can’t think rationally right after using God’s name in vain. That wasn’t an attack at all. This is a public forum, sharing my 2c. Like I said no need to attack others for differing opinions. And I for one do believe that issues that “has to do with the normal functioning of the game” are technical issues. You can feel free to disagree, but no need to insult my intelligence and then pretend you didn’t.

And not that I need to explain myself further, but as you missed the point I will.
The mention of FTP players was because this will have a greater impact on FTP players looking for legendary crests. Not sure where you saw any crying from me.

No, I said that as the summary to rebuttal of you points. That’s not a personal attack. And god has nothing to do with you. I never said you were crying. You seem to fabricate a lot of things that arent’ really there.

It doesn’t matter what you think tech support means, it’s what blizzard designates the use purpose of the forum.

You can keep playing the victim of blizzard and me if you which, but that is also not a technical support issue.

Wow, you can’t let this go huh? I’m curious why you even assume I’m FTP to be honest. Is it because I don’t want FTP players to get shafted too? I’m more interested in the frame, tbh. Who knows if it will be available with the next set of rewards but I doubt it (at least this same one). Your assumption I’m playing the victim hinges on an incorrect assumption that I’m FTP. Why you feel the need to attack me (or anyone here honestly) for their opinions based on your own incorrect assumptions is beyond me. If you want to continue explaining my opinion for me to fit your own opinions feel free, but I’m done with this conversation. It’s completely unproductive. Have a good rest of your day.

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