Help! scammer/cheater/¿? stalking me


Hi guys, first of all, this is the first time I write something in this forum AND also my english is not be the best, so, pacient will be appreciated.

the whole story: I’m playing in Us East ladder diablo 2 and recently I entered in a game where a son of a … was giving a Soj for sorc items… I entered the game and he tried to scam me (just at the end of the trade he was trying to switch the soj for a random magic ring…) I got mad and I made a game called: “Soj 4 Sorc item scam” (or something like that, which were the name of the scammer’s game)
TODAY I was xfering some items with the help of a friend and THIS same person (I remembered the name of his acc) entered to my game and started to grab my objects… my friend and I both tried to grab as many things as we could, but well, he grab most of the things as we were not waiting for such an event…
obviously he knows my account, but now, here comes the hardest (and annoyest) part… I tried to add him as a friend to “know his moves” and I “did it” but it never shows me where he is or when he is about to appear in my games, he just appears there…
please, this is unfair and annoying, so, if anybody knows what to do, I will thank you for the rest of my life.

Pd: just to clarify, as I said, I have the name of his account and everytime I make a private game he appears every 15 mins more and less (that’s why I said that it is annoying).
EDIT: he stays like 3 or 4 seconds to see if there is something in the ground and disappears.

Thanks for read, greetings and long life diablo 2!


Remove him from your friends list immediately and from now on make sure you make games with a password


Thanks your for answer, :slight_smile: what I didn’t tell is that all private games I made were with 1-2 characters passwords (e.g. cat1/1 - kl22/22) so if he has my acc name its easy for him to “guess” the password just by trying the commonest numerals…
From now on I’ll try more “complex” passwords. But unfortunately, it seems that there is nothing else I can do about it… “a great game comes with great bothersome people” (?)
Thank you again for the advice! Cheers


If you add him you literally give away all your game names.

He will add u, check your game name then remove you…

Not sure why you put someone you’re trying to avoid in your friend list in the first place.


when you add someone, you can see if he is online or not, and a message appears if he is entering to your game. I thought that I could use that as a warning that he is around… but as I said, it never showed me anything, or no message appeared while he was in my friend list and he entered in my games.
I’m also a noob in all these multiplayer thing, I’ve always played single player and just a couple years I “discovered” the multiplayer mode and I love it, but I’m still learning some really basic things that you have to do and you don’t have to do.


you only get friend notifications and such if you are mutual friends, meaning you both have each other on your lists. it’s been said already, but having them on your friends list is dangerous because if you two were mutual friends, they could see what game you are in.

if you want to check if they are logged in, try /whois [character name] or /whois *[account name].