Help pls wc3 game doesn't open

When trying to open the game, the following error appears:

ERROR COD: C493362A-09B1-40CD-867A-F820EC7C592E

I don’t know if this code is unique or useless or both. In short, the error is that the game does not open.

Hey there Lyo,

I looked into that error for the crash in Warcraft III. It wasn’t clear what’s causing it yet I wonder if it’s bad data being seen when the game launches. A few reports we’ve seen suggest a damaged Warcraft III file in the documents folder.

Try opening File Explorer and going to the documents folder. Find the Warcraft III folder and rename or delete it. Keep in mind deleting it may cause loss of campaign progress. I don’t have further steps to share if it does work to preserve progress, but am hopeful it helps to at least test.

Should it still fail, please post on the dedicated Warcraft III technical support forums here.

I went to the documents folder and deleted it, but the problem remains… Thanks for the tip. I will follow your suggestion and open the topic in the indicated place.

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