Help playing as a Sorceress

Just getting back into Playing Diablo 2 and I have decided to play as the Sorceress this. Can anyone tell me where I should put my stat points, or does it not really matter?
Also should I go with a fire spell or ice spell build?

I always start as blizzard sorc.
You basically don’t wanna put any points into energy. Str usually stops around 150-160 for gear, a few points for DeX also for gear, but most points will go into vit.
Do you know how to gear them?

Not really, been many years since I played the game and even then I did not really know what I was doing. I mostly just went with whatever, but this time I want to play properly.
Any help with that would be a great help.

Are you playing ladder or non ladder? If ladder put 156 into strength for a spirit monarch. Dump the rest into vitality. Meteorb is a good start character that allows you flexibility because you’re not single element. Max frozen orb, put about 15 points into cold mastery then spend the rest maxing out meteors synergys. Dont forgot to put 1 point in telekinesis, static field, teleport, amd frozen armor.

Not sure what you mean by ladder or non ladder. I never learned about some of this technical stuff.
I have put a couple points into warmth though

FB-Orber works good. 1 on warmth then build up fire bolt until clvl 12 and then start building up fire ball. Put 1 on static field, 1 on Telekinesis, 1 on teleport, but you want 1 on all the prerequisites to Frozen Orb. Once you get to FO max it and put 12 on Cold Mastery. Once that’s done go back and work on Fire Ball and Fire Mastery. Try to fix your merc up with lightening damage. I like using the cold shields and put 1 on each.

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Thank you, I will keep this advice in mind

  • Strength – Just enough to use your gear. My sorc has a base strength of 88.
  • Dexterity – nothing.
  • Vitality – all the rest.
  • Energy – nothing. You only need enough mana to cast your spells with out constantly guzzling blues.

92 skills at level 81 including Den, Radament, and Izual in all 3 difficulties up to act 4 hell.


  • Ice Bolt (1) point. Prerequisite for Ice Blast.
  • Ice Blast (1) point. Prerequisite for Glacial Spike.
  • Glacial Spike (20) points. Prerequisite for Blizzard, secondary fast cast skill.
  • Frost Nova (1) point. Prerequisite for Blizzard.
  • Blizzard (20) points. Main Delay Spell.
  • Cold Mastery (1) point. Reduces the cold resistances of monsters effectively increasing the damage done by your cold spells to most monsters.


  • Inferno – (1) point. Prerequisite for Blaze.
  • Blaze – (1) point. Prerequisite for FireWall.
  • Fire Wall – (1) point. Pre-requisite for Meteor.
  • Fire Bolt – (1) point. Adds synergies to Fireball and Meteor for each natural level.
  • Fire Ball – (20) points. Main fast cast spell. Adds synergies to Meteor and receives synergies from Fire Bolt and Meteor.
  • Meteor – (20) points. Secondary delay spell. Receives synergies from Fire Bolt and Fireball.
  • Fire Mastery – (1) point. Increases damage caused by all Fire spells.
  • Warmth (1) point. Increases the rate at which mana is regenerated.
  • Telekinesis (1) point. Prerequisite for Teleport.
  • Teleport (1) point.

You can google Blizzball sorc and a few guides come up that we cant link to in forums. Miladys Knight guide is version 1.10 and is what I still follow. But I also use

Thank you Talas, that info will be a great deal of help

The Fireball/Frozen Orb mentioned by RadianceRaw is your best starter build for Sorc that isn’t heavily gear dependent. It allows you to progress easily up to Hell difficulty, which things will start slowing down at that point until you get a good assortment +all skills gear to crank up the damage.

Use the Smoke armor runeword (Nef+Lum) for an early resist all boost in Hell.

go to the internet and do a search. there are many posts from over 10 years ago about exactly this. nothing has changed.

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To give credit where it’s due, I learn the build from TheDarkJedi about a year or so ago.

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Thanks a lot for the assist guys :slight_smile:

As many have mentioned, you want to put all into vitality and only enough into other stuff for gear requirements.

The problem is that mana will always be an issue until you have Stone of Jordan rings, which you may never find. Still, putting points into energy is a mistake.

Much of the reason is that mana doesn’t really help with survivability. Health does. Once you get into hell difficulty, it seems like half of the boss pack monsters have mana burn and will definitely hit you, which will always take 100% of your mana away in one hit. So you drink a potion and keep going.

Relative to everything else, mana potions are extremely cheap.

There may be one exception when it comes to playstyle. Too much strength gives you literally nothing useful. Too much dex may actually be useful. For shields, your bonus dexterity will add to your block %, up to 75%. This may be very useful for very strong shields, such as Stormshield, which adds a lot of resistance, damage reduction, and an already increased blocking percentage. 75% blocking only blocks physical damage, but physical damage is very common.

Some people will say never put a Stormshield on a sorceress (high strength requirement, etc.), but again, it’s about playstyle. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it. It won’t help you much in dueling games, but if you’re just starting now, making a pvp character is going to be extremely confusing anyways.

Sounds like people who don’t know what they’re talking about

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I will keep this info in mind while I play and keep an eye out for the Stone of Jordan Rings

Also Elali, I know you said you didnt know what Ladder was earlier. If you click on multiplayer, and then on bnet, you can play online. When creating a new character, you will have a few boxes you can choose at naming. Ladder or Hardcore Ladder is the online game that allows you to play with a lot more runewords and more crafting recipes from the cube. I enjoy the additional runewords. Normal ladder vs Hardcore though is a big choice. You die in hardcore and your character and items are gone, where as normal you respawn and can go get your corpse back.

Thanks Talas, I will have a look at that