HELLO.. LOD letter letter letter

WHY ISNT IT WORKING i load up the classic d2 exp LOD first it said you wer disconnected to blizzard please reconnect WHAT THE HELL IS THIS what are you doing… wish you made seperate. so if you update d2r wouldnt effect d2 classic LOD

(edit… Please do take a month before replying customers supporting you just for this headake


What version of the game are you running ? You can find the game version on the left of the Exit Diablo II button on the main screen.

If you are not running version 1.14D, you may need to manually update your game.

There is some troubleshooting for connection issues in Diablo II: LoD here:

The words in blue are links to additional information that may help you.

If you prefer, you can contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket; use this link to start the process: https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/1204/ticket

tryed to do a picture but im the same v1.14D but when i click battle net says checking versions and error please try again in few minutes


You may have a temporary play restriction - see the following support note:

I don’t understand of how I am restricted of playing classic exp lod day I logged out it was fine. Tried to login a day later and I couldn’t

(Edit Not my anti virus because I have added it to the virus spam Spyware etc)


You will need to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket for that information… I am a player and I do not have access to that type of information. Use the link I provided above (https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/1204/ticket) to contact Blizzard Support.

Wow… omg open ticket for me. Wish you had a text text chat help instead of pictures and that info off my pc

(Edit I uninstalled my anti virus to prove that is not the problem