Hell difficulty indicator

I may be missing something but the difficulty recommendation the Hell selector makes is way off.

After being in Hell 1 for a while, the selector was telling me it was too low and that I should be In Hell 2. However, at the time Hell 2 was still way above my CR resulting in ~80% damage reduction.

When I actually qualified for Hell 2, it got worse. After being in Hell 2 for a bit, it says both Hell 2 and Hell 3 are too low, so it’s telling me I should be in Hell 4.

However, both are significantly above my CR. Hell 3 is a ~75% damage rediction and Hell 4 (which is WAY above my CR) is a ~95% damage reduction.

Seems an internal calculation is off somewhere.

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I’ve had issues with this as well. 2 of my characters have been incredibly unlucky with legendary+ drops. And with the hell level telling me where I should be, only makes it worse.
I have to stay in a lower hell level longer, just to survive the next. The end result, of course, is that I am never eligible for good drops that are actually upgrades. It’s a vicious cycle which I am sure is there to discouraged F2P players. I not even F2P. Not Totally. I buy the empowered pass, the weekly little boons with crests and such.

The point is, having your gear drop in relation to what hell you are in is a horrible system. Especially when different classes come into their own at various levels.

Someone helped me transition into H4 when I was supposed to according to the game. I was barely able to contribute. **Yet I STILL got legendary drops which were not UPGRADES.

How is that even possible? I can see here and there, but every single one? All legendary and green gear are simply a glowing shard now. Nothing is an upgrade and some of my pieces are over 80 levels old.

Don’t get me started on some inept genius that totally screwed the game up by using the same raid / group setting for pickup las/vit/gor raids and needing dedicated players for new content that don’t ever leave. Plus, the task of finding 7 others that can all be on at the same time or the raid. The other, such as the purge or the defense content, I’m quite aware, does not take all 8… But using the same mechanic that people are just leaving and joining the next is an incredibly irresponsible, to put it plainly, stupid, decision and the person who thought this was a good idea should be fired I can only assume it was someone in management. Those who code requires a high level of logic.

I am P240. My CR is 3400 something, and my buddy who started at the same time has a CR of over 4400. This is not simply bad luck. It’s poor game design. And I’m not being “punished for being F2P”. I’ve spent my fair share on this game.

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