Hearthstone ticked off

screw this stupid game, sick of it, terrible matchups

It is more the fact that the newest expansion has some seriously overpowered cards that make playing vs them boring and not worth wasting time. So people are seeing the broken combo land and quitting even if they have full health. I know I do when I see the libram combo, or the priest combo land. Playing against demon hunters is a 50/50 shot of playing vs someone that understands the class and can play it vs someone just trying to level the new class and not paying attention.

Battlegrounds broken also… level up to 6 and get shit rolls with level 2 and 3 cards. Better off not wasting gold and staying level 4. Win percentage is higher at level 4 for me.

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battle grounds is all i want to play on HS but its not random anymore and it sucks. i have sat here in front of friends and gf and “predicted” the whole playout of matchups and buying options down to the last rerole. Heres a hint if you are in the bottom 5 and have been struggeling to get anything to help you get into the game and with 1 or 2 gold left you roll int your missing piece, the trippel youve been looking for or the lightfang youve needed for the last 4rounds. . .that means your about to be knocked out even if you have 20hp still trust me you left the last hope for 1 more turn you sealed your fate. also match up your health to the enemies team and if the whole turn is going to be based on attack order having to be against you. .your going to lose to exact damage. however on the other hand if you get a good start and the next few rounds everything just keeps falling into place effortlessly your winning the game and i mean 1st place youd have to go out of your way to lose. on a win run i waited till the last rounds just to prove a point to my friend and switched from divin poison murlocs to beast 1 turn still won by landslide hands down by attack order alone. plus if you are not on the win run you cant use certain build like beast because your mommas will get hit first then your pack the last minion killed will be your buffs. ive watched people reach top 3 with beast because i couldnt hit anything out of the order they wanted 3 times we got matched up and all 3 i hit the littel wolves then their spawns then the rats it was the momma that beat me all 3 rounds i tried the same build i didnt last 4 rounds momma hit first all 4 followed by rat so i got no buffs. thats not random thats programed. just watch your matches and youll start to see the paterns the exact hit points lost due to the absolute worst attack pattern and the not getting anything to play with and the moment you freeze a board thinking if i survive ill finally have a chance your gonna get crushed and the last sighn your not winning, even though your in the bottom 3 you keep getting matched up with top 2 players.