Hearthstone shop suggestion - Let's get old cardbacks and hero skins back into the shop please!

So I’ve heard many players, for a long time, asking for the older cardbacks to be available again. Ben Brode also hinted years ago that they would be attainable in the future.

So why should Blizzard make this possible? Simple - Playerbase. It will keep new players playing and get more people spending.

But how?? So the goal should be obtaining new players and keeping them playing. Honestly, I believe lowering the price of packs/crafting costs a bit and trying to include other less “game impacting” methods can help bring in and keep a healthy playerbase. There are a lot of newcomers that quit because obtaining a “collection” can get costly and/or many feel that it possibly cannot be done. But giving newer players a sense that they can “catch up” keeps gamers playing and for much longer.

So here are a couple of ideas on ways to implement these non “game impacting” sales.

Method #1 - Implementing a slow/minor way to directly purchase older season cardbacks. For instance, each month offer 1 cardback for $x amount, lets say, $19.99. Or even offer a cardback bundle e.g. Season 1 bundle for $x every 6 months. I know many people that would quickly purchase these. This method helps to please/give incentive to newer type players while still maintaining the slow progression that feels rewarding playing the game each month. It would act like a monthly subscription for many. And honestly, it shouldn’t anger the older players because with a full cardback rotation, it’ll take years of playing to “catch up.”

Method #2 - Add a chance for packs to have a small probability to drop cardbacks or other goods. Older cardbacks would be rarer. This would add a new, fun/exciting element on the standard pack openings. This would also covertly promote/encourage buying of more packs for all types of players. Want more suggestions? Want to get older players to buy more packs as well? How about slowly adding unique new cardback(s) that can only be found in packs.

So in summary, I’d like to see the price of packs or crafting costs slightly reduced so that newer players can become more feasibly competitive while introducing other approaches to gain sales e.g. cardbacks, heroes, emotes? effects? etc. etc. The list can go on.

Those are just a a couple of my many ideas that can please many Hearthstone players, while easily increasing revenue in the shop that hasn’t changed since forever. But how about the older players, wouldn’t they be bothered? Honestly at this point, many of the O.G.'s that are still playing the game, do so because they are dedicated to the game and mechanics itself and will continue regardless of implementing sales of cardbacks and heroes.

P.S. I’ve got more unique ideas that I can throw out, but it’ll cost ya! >:)