Hearthstone, game gets stuck after a win

The game gets stuck after a win, I already tried unistall and install and still is not working. It happens in both pc and iOS.


I have the same Problem, maybe since the last update.

I’ve also been experiencing this bug.

I have been playing mage on standard play, only happens on a win. The game will fade to Grey and then nothing else will occur. A banner claiming victory should appear, but doesn’t. In order to que a new game, I’ve been having to exit the game client and then relaunch.

A loss does not cause the bug and play can continue as normal.

any update on this ? its so bloody annoying to have to quit out and load the game again after each win… The freeze doesnt occur after a loss, only a win!

right sorted it, its to do with achievements… go to your achievements and click the zillion achievement rewards you have and boom all fixed :slight_smile: found the fix here :slight_smile:

Same is happening here, on both PC and android.
But I don’t have 1000 wins with any hero nor achievements unclicked.