Hearthstone cards rebalance

hello. after rebalance some cards i wasted dust on 4 days ago are irrelevant. i know i can disenchant changed cards for their craft price but rebalance moved whole deck from t1 to t3, so cards it contains are now useless. how can i disenchant em for craft dust price to make a new deck?

This is not the Hearthstone forum.

Welcome to Legacy Games Tech Support forum. As its name implies, this forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Legacy Games — old games such as Diablo II (2000) and the games included in the Blizzard Arcade Collection (The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, etc…).

Obviously, Hearthstone is not a legacy game.

For issues with Hearthstone, use the Hearthstone forums.

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i dont see hs in list for some reason. can you provide a link pls?

Try googling “Hearthstone forums”.

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