Hearthstone app unplayable

I have been playing hearthstone on mobile for years and while over the years there has been bugs, they have always been small and not occur that often

Since the release of the latest expansion on December 7th, the app has actually become unplayable.

Black screens - occurs when playing ladder and duels. During a match the game just freezes and you get a black screen

Screen freeze - during a match in duels and battlegrounds the screen freezes. The “you got disconnected” message box doesn’t even appear, I have to manually exit the the app and come back in

Duels - everything about this mode is buggy - to building a deck (it just freezes) to playing a match (it just freezes)

I enjoy playing hearthstone more on
Mobile than laptop but at this moment, I am unable to play and is putting me off playing again in the future.

Sort these bugs out.

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Playing on android (moto g power 64G). Also having major issues. Can’t finish games either because I’m getting disconnected every 2 minutes or the game crashes and I have to reboot. I’ve tried all of blizz suggestions to fix the problem (i.e. clear storage, cache, and reinstall) with no effect. I’ve put in some $$ into this game and I enjoy playing when it works…this problem has persisted since late November/early December (around the same time as the latest updates)

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Having this prob too.

Also still having these problems as of January 2022. Why no response Blizzard? The mobile app is literally unplayable.