Hearthstone API - battlegrounds hero description

I’m using Hearthstone API to get data about battlegrounds mode.
I’m using tier=all parameter for hearthstone/cards request.
In this case I get all battlegrounds data. But there is no hero description (hero power description and hero power image).
Example of hero object that is receiving right now:

"id": 57944,
"collectible": 0,
"slug": "57944-a-f-kay",
"classId": 12,
"multiClassIds": [],
"cardTypeId": 3,
"cardSetId": 1453,
"rarityId": null,
"artistName": null,
"health": 40,
"manaCost": 0,
"name": "A. F. Kay",
"text": "",
"image": "https://d15f34w2p8l1cc.cloudfront.net/hearthstone/7aed216fdda56045b8c42af0cbc39867d0c17b35dc25f40b0263f9d4800a4ae7.png",
"imageGold": "",
"flavorText": "",
"cropImage": "https://d15f34w2p8l1cc.cloudfront.net/hearthstone/fda46961ba9f26020564c72fbf9c07206dfad3f1afc9ae44367cb856bef8aaef.jpg",
"childIds": [
"battlegrounds": {
  "hero": true,
  "imageGold": ""

How can I get this data? Or please add if it’s missing right now.

You fetch the childID (59891) and the image from that. That’s the hero power in this case.

Ah, so hero power is separate item, thank you!