Hearthstone add the ability of Region friends

Dear blizzard or anyone reading

I suppose an idea because many fans and players have been begging for region transfer to play with friends I suppose a new idea and that is to friend other players on different regions instead of transferring and merging.
I have been wanting to play with my brother on a different region but we aren’t able to but being able to friend each other on different regions will fix this. There will be a little box underneath where you enter your friends battle name and ID choosing weather you want to friend someone on your region or a different one it will be automatically set to your region.
Making this a free update will have many benefits; people will play more, you can have different region competitive competitions now, more people will buy packs to compete with their friends, etc.
look I know this may be challenging to make and connect regions but it is just a good idea in the long run to help improve this almost flawless game.

Hi DabrakStylo,

Thank you for this feedback. Unfortunately, feedback concerning the individual games may not have the proper visibility or reach the proper audience when posted here on the API feedback forums. We recommend posting this feedback over on the Hearthstone forums, which can be accessed via the navigation on Playhearthstone.com.

Thanks again, and best of luck.