Headache due to big HUD


I started playing Diablo yesterday. I’ve tried twice playing the game but everytime I log in, it only takes a few minutes for the pain to start, pressuring my eyes and making it drop tears.

I’ve tryed many different combinations of Brightness, Cold and Vintage displays, changed graphics… Nothing helped.
I took a pill and whent to sleep. When I woke up I was fine so I decided to join DI again.
It took another 5 minutes for my headache to pop-up once again, out of nowhere.

In the end, I managed to play it in a smaller screen, which in turn made it not happen again. Therefore one could only assume that the scale of the visuals on the screen, HUD, character, skills etc is doing something bad in my brain. (I even tryed sunglasses lol)

It could be EASELY fixed by just adding a slider on the DISPLAY tab.
I would like to keep playing the game but I rather not compromise my health for it.

I hope this will get fixed someday


I finally understood what the hell is going on.

SCREEN SHAKE. THIS is the problem. It’s inducing dizziness, headache and making my eye want to pop out of my head given how much it hurts. I get a burning sensation in the back part of my eye.

We are in 2022, please make a better Settings page… Please.

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ta chorando muito em natinho bahia

Just ignore the comment above.

i think are the close cam not the HUD bcouse i got this on another games with closed FOV like diablo but diablo dont give me that

Might also be that, or both.