HD res, how to?

Got kinda sentimental about D2 and wanted to play it after like 15 years … but I must say, 800x600 is pain in the eye … totally refuse to play with this resolution today.

is there any mod for higher resolution?
Is it allowed?

I found some on internet, not for latest version … cannot make it work. Is downgrade possible? Not like the version actually gives anything …

Ok, firstly as a warning: you can’t play on Battle net with that mod, you’ll get banned. If you only wanna play singleplayer, there are ways of downgrading. You can use a program called D2SE Mod Manager to switch between different versions of Diablo II and mod them. With that tool, you can safely install the HD mod in patch 1.12a (I think it is)

Also bear in mind there are some gameplay implications for having 1080p resolution. You can see enemies outside of their aggro range, and, if you’re playing a ranged character, nuke them without them ever seeing you. Not that big of a deal since that is only possible in the overworld because of view range, but something to keep in mind.

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d2 glider can sort of simulate a larger screen size, but it doesn’t truly give greater res. It’s your best option for multi player and 100% Legit/recommended by blizzz

Again, glide wrapper is not endorsed by Blizzard. Please double check where you are getting this information from or post sources of them “recommending” its use over not using it.

i am mostly playing solo and melee … so in D2, i have no idea what multiplayer is :slight_smile:

but … by “cant play on battlenet”, does that mean also the single player? Just starting the game and I get banned and start the game?

To get better graphics use Sven’s Glide Wrapper. It’s approved by Blizzard, but not supported-we can use it, but Blizzard will not help you with it. Using it will not have any affect on your ability to play single player nor your ability to use an play on Bnet. Using it will improve the looks of the game and make the game run smoother. It also has a few beneficial features that don’t alter game play.

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No. Singleplayer/offline is not gonna get you banned. You just can’t click the “battle net” button and play online.

i dont want better graphics, i want better resolution … Sven’s Glide Wrapper only makes it open in windowed mode. I am googling, looking at other people, everyone is saying its running smoothly etc., maybe it looks kidna cleaner, sharper … but definitely doesnt do what i asked for …

now to find D2SE Mod manager and mod for higher resolution

Glide does more than open the game in window mode, and the game doesn’t need Glide to open in window mode. What Glide does is it stretches D2 to full screen.

I looked up the hack you mentioned and the funniest part about it is the hacker who made it has a copyright on the software and says don’t mess with it, which is hilariously stupid considering the hack violates Diablo’s ToS and copyright.

What Glide wrapper actually does (and which nobody in this forum seems to be able to explain properly) is to provide support to the 3dfx Glide graphics API, which was originally used in Diablo 2 to support the long dead Voodoo graphics cards, and that only worked in those particular cards originally. The game was originally developed with that API in mind, so some colors, lighting effects, and graphics settings like gamma, are only available in glide mode. In order to support modern GPUs that do not support the Glide API, Sven’s Glide Wrapper “translates” those API calls to OpenGL, which is modern, open source, and any GPU will support it, and also offering supersampling, which is an antialiasing method that helps a bit when upscaling the game to higher resolutions. It does not “improve” the graphics, it only restores them to what they were originally supposed to look like, as the included Direct3D API of D2 is extremely outdated and poorly implemented. It also allows the game to be displayed in fullscreen without having to actually change your video mode to 800x600 which is very helpful too. But it will not give you actual 1080p resolution.

I hope that made things clearer.

Glide improves the graphics, you’d have to be blind to think it doesn’t or have a poor understanding of the English language… or a troll. “Restoration” is an improvement of the current impaired condition.

Just play in the 4:3 mode and quit crying about a 20year old game this is not skyrim you know

Yeah, Skyrim has a lot of fantastic mods, with official support from the developers, that improve it’s look, feel, gameplay, and literally everything else the player wants to include in their own experience. Unfortunately, things aren’t so convenient in D2.

My objective was to give OP an understanding on what Glide actually does. Not to argue semantics with you. What people usually mean by graphical improvements is what remasters, overhaul mods, shaders, etc, do. Yes, in the way you described it, is is an improvement over the D3D mode, but not in the sense that OP is looking for.

I’m the only one in this thread that said the word “improve”

Then you followed up with this and quote the word improve.

And so it’s not about arguing semantics, its about you baffling with paraphrased bs like you always do, but this time using an idiotic attempt to make me look wrong, again. Which again, you failed to do.

ok, you may have the final word. it means so much to you

Thank you, Control Freak.

you got carried away i see :slight_smile:

guess i didnt make myself very clear …
All I want is to have better, bigger, higher POV …

its kinda todays thing, where you can see more of the battlefield … and suddenly, when playing, having the character on a half of the screen kinda annoys me …

its old, why should i care? Not playing it because of graphics … never cared, i care only about details … we could spent hundreds of hours talking about latest graphics, skyrim, just cause 4 etc that has zero details which are important to me … so … thats all … i dont care about the graphics …

I’ve heard of game mods/loaders that can do that, expanding the view to cover higher resolutions. The only problem is that the monsters aggro distance will still be locked to an 800x600 view around your character, so they will just stand there until you get within the 800x600 aggro box distance. You will probably have to install an older patch version of Diablo 2 to run these mods. And of course, don’t try to play on bnet while using them.

As far as what the name of the mod was, I don’t recall at this time. You may be able to find it using some crafty keyword searching on Google.

The same thing happens with Glide when desktopresolution is checked.

Hmm, it doesn’t on mine… Desktopresolution simply upscales the 800x600 window to the current desktop resolution, stretching the image if not 4:3. I believe there is also a setting to keep the aspect which creates black side bars. I’m using Svens Glide Wrapper.