HC Character Died After Failing to Join Game

Last night I was playing D2 Resurrected in hardcore mode. I left a game alive and was allowed to join the next game. This join failed and I had to stop the system process for D2 in order to get back online. When I rejoined the hardcore character I was playing that failed to join the game is now dead. I’ve seen this happen before but it was temporary and the character came back but its now been over 12 hours and the character is still dead/unplayable.

Whats the point of playing the game if my characters with a lot of play time that I was prepping to tackle ubers with friends are randomly “killed” by your server glitches.

I have lost a character while fighting diablo NM. “You’re Connection Has Been Interrupted” and logged back in to a dead character. I wonder now if I would have waited if it would have come back, although my understanding is that when you get this message your character will remain in-game ~ 7 seconds at most. Enough time for my sorc to get railed by his lighting rift. I get this randomly sometimes and never get disconnected from other games so I am thinking it’s server side. I don’t mean to pollute your post with a separate issue. However I do want to see your issue resolved because if this happened to me I would feel the same way and want more attention brought to it.