Hawkeye WOW51900319 error disconnect

Same problem. I have two toons stuck in Nagrand that I can’t log into. Repaired files. Doesn’t fix it. Tried to submit a ticket and realized I’m not tech smart enough to navigate all the requirements to submit the ticket and get the Submit button to light up. Help

Hey there Hawkeye,

I moved this to it’s own thread since it’s not entirely related to the other thread. I looked into the symptom and believe this is taking place on Azuresong in Burning Crusade Classic. We had a few other reports and are tracking them here. I’ve poked the developers to check into what’s going on and will be updating the linked thread if/when I get more info.

Thanks for letting us know about this and the understanding while it’s sorted out.

Not sure if this helps but I can access all my toons except the one I Boosted. Toklas is the toon name that stuck. thank-you,

Hey Blizzard gurus… I wanted to let you know that I am having the same issue. Everything worked ok yesterday, I have tried repairing my game too but it said it wasn’t needed. I try to log on, get to the character screen, pick my character, and it tries to load and I am disconnected. I cannot play at all. I am on Azuresong myself so yes, maybe you all are having an issue? Also, I see you all are looking at it so thank you for staying on top of it. I just wanted to report this too so you all would know.

Hello Blizzard Support, I am having the same problem: my main character (paladin) is stuck in what appears to be a glitch in Shadowlands. After 4 years of inactivity, I recently reactivated my account and upgraded to Shadowlands package. It is very disappointing I can’t play due to this error. I already tried Scan/Repair procedure with no success. How can this be fixed? Thank you.