Having a issue with game

I have authenticated the game and it even come up with a link saying secured and was playing a day ago and cant compete at all its like im being turned away at the door and no one is helping me at all i posted video of everything on twitter as well it nuts man i done the 2 step process and it wont work

same problem here. My account was banned in february from mw and wz but when i try to appeal it, both activision and blizzard say there is no active enforcements on my account. My advice to you is start buying hard copies of games to get away from this broken game launcher.

Same here, it´s been 2-3 days since I could log in on wz, and now i can´t log in because ot the authentication, but I did it already…

ive been having the same exact problem with warzone wont let me play unless i do the 2 step authentication process which i never had to do before but i do it and it wont work and i never been banned or anything

im also having this issue. ever since the update i havent been able to play. wants me to do 2 step authenticator, but when i try i send the email to verify the email to generate a code it never sends or i never receive the email.