Have you got the RUNS?

Hello all, I just wanted a catchy title, but this is once again a plug for a desired expansion pack for D2/LOD. Instead of only having the ability to ‘play’ a full game, what if folks could have more options for game creation?

What I’m seeing online right now is cow runs, Trist runs, Tomb runs and all that kinda thing, and folks go in and just knock out a tiny part of the game, and the rest is just wasted. I don’t know computer coding, but even I know that loading up a whole game has got to take up more space than just a small, targeted area would.

So, what if we were to get an expansion pack “The Runs” or somesuch, and it allowed, during game creation, for a player to select just a limited number of dungeons to play in, and forget about the rest of the games areas and such?

So let us assume that there are folks that would like to just do Mephisto runs, over and over again. If all they are going to do is take a WP to durance level 2, and then work their way down to level three and kill the dude, why waste time generating entire games when we could just have more fun with a much smaller ‘Game of the Runs’, where the town could be reduced to a single NPC, and the way down would just be stairs or something, so you would have an NPC in the dungeon, but the level is a single room with no monsters, and the stairs down to durance level three.

If a player wanted to just focus on killing Mephisto, over and over again, let’s say you could input the number of ‘runs’ you wanted to make, so you would select — input ‘Mephisto/Durance of hate level three’ and then a number for the runs, say 20. So you would start off at the stairs to durance level three, but have the town/NPC right there at the stairs, along with your stash, you go down, do your thing, and instead of leaving the game and doing all of that, you just head over to the red portal that normally takes you to act 4, but in this here optional type of game, it instead takes you to the level above durance level three. Just to be clear, this would be a second, separate entrance stairs to durance level three, where you would then proceed down and kill the big M for the second time, and then rinse and repeat, over and over again, until you get all twenty kills, or decide to exit early.

I’d like folks to think about this for a bit before they post replies. We all have areas of the game that we would like to ‘RUN’ often, but many of these areas are made unacceptably hard to get to, in terms of time spent actually getting to the guys that you really want to kill. I’d love to RUN Andariel, but the whole random map level 2 and 3, before I can even get to her is just a waste of time for a legit player, and a hacker bot is not going to be at all bothered (nor slowed down) by these considerations. Make “Runs” a possibility, though, and you greatly reduce the advantage that the bots have over legit players.

So, what do folks think about having an option to do multiple ‘RUNs’ of a particular level, over and over again, within a single game? Productivity and fun goes through the roof, bots lose out on most of their advantages, and the servers don’t get bogged down as bad generating all the unused portions of all the games being made, and far fewer games would actually be needed in order to get things done.

Some thoughts, please, on when a particular character should be given access to ‘RUNNING’ a given level.

I like something like role-play with my gaming, so not letting folks repeat Andariel, or Blood raven, or whatever they are after until they have at least cleared it previously (for the quest, in a regular game) seems to me to be both fair and a good idea, but perhaps just doing it the old fashioned way a single time isn’t good enough? Your thoughts?

The next part of this concept would be stringing. Stringing would be to have a user selectable set of levels, in the order that they desire, played through on a single ‘RUN’, so for instance, say a player wanted to smoke “The Three” on a particular run, then they start at the stairs down to Durance level three, kill Mephisto, take the red portal, and are outside the Chaos Sanctuary (no need to hit any part of the river of flame here folks), go in, whack Diablo, and upon his death, a red portal opens to the stairs down to the Throne of Destruction. Kill Baal, and upon his death, a red portal opens, leading to the stairs down to Durance level three… Rinse and repeat, for all the runs that you input at game creation.

Want to get rid of all the cow level games? Make it so you can have a red portal open with the death of the Cow King, that leads to another cow level, and when the Cow King on that level is dead, another red portal opens up and…

I have to think that the server load would be reduced if some custom games along these lines were to be implemented, so folks wouldn’t be spending so much time making and joining new games, but rather being able to kill as many of the specific bosses as they wanted, within a single game.

Obviously, there are going to be folks that would love this, just as there are going to be folks that would hate this, but remember that this is being put forward as an alternative way to play the game.

Do folks think that this could be an interesting topic of conversation, and perhaps an intriguing thought experiment?

My thoughts are that players that bought this expansion would have a choice about the kind a character that they wanted to create, so classic, or LOD, or ‘The RUNS’, or what the heck, but if they didn’t want to make any RUNS games, they wouldn’t have to, just that this would give them that option. I think that having LOD characters mixed in with these would be a bad idea, so the two types would be mutually exclusive, just like my posited “Fast Track” or my posited “ReMort” characters would also play only with their own kind.

So, this is not nearly enough to really over this concept in anything like depth, but this post is already tldr.

Any thoughts?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:another pipe dream that will never happen

Players who do these quality runs don’t need the game change.

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Hey! Congrats on the ZOD! That’s just crazy.

You know, in 20 years or so, I have never gotten an SOJ from a drop? A friend gave me one way back, and I got several from gambling back in the day, but never a single one did I ever get.

Congrats again on such a find.

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I get about 3-5 zods a year playing the game the way it was designed to be played. SoJ is a garbage ring, BK is a better +1, but as a melee exclusive player, it isn’t that good.

My opinion aside, if finding SoJ is important to you I suggest joining DiabloII…net and immerse yourself in their legit holy grail culture. They have their item finding runs down to a science.

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This is why no takes anything you say serious.
“SOJ is a garbage ring” …


Holy cow!

I spend most of my time helping others, working on leveling up all my mules, and then the ever growing task of trying (and failing) to keep track of all my mules, which should not in any way imply, what the heck a given mule is carrying, lol.

I’m a confirmed pack rat.
And I’m probably going to be dropping out of this ladder season soon, as the mule management is getting to be a bit much.

As for the SoJ’s, they were great at first, as you could collect them and give a pair to your low level guys and get them up and running, with a whole lot more skills and mana, but then they patched the game and made them have what, a 29th level requirement? Once the level requirement was imposed, they lost a large chunk of what made them good, so yea, I have to agree with you on that.

Still, it would be nice to finally be able to say, “I got one…”


What are your thoughts on the whole idea of having an official product in the D2 franchise, that specifically allows, encourages, and supports MF running, either as I have so far rather badly described, or perhaps something not mentioned?

I enjoy the site you mentioned, but they seem mainly focused on playing with other people, rather than just sharing stories and enjoying the exploits of folks having a good time. I also checked out that POD site, and finally got a straight answer from the Mr Greendude120, who seems to be the main man over there, that his mod does not and never will support single player, and using 2 or more of your own computers with legit copies of D2 = auto ban from his servers, so thank god I never downloaded that program.

Sorry for rambling, more later…

It isn’t garbage, to most folks, but when playing in high end levels of the game with pure melee characters, I could see his point of view. Leaching and resists are more important in late game than +1 skills and some rather nice extra mana. Heck, there may be things that are even more critical that those, but as I cannot stand playing a guy that cannot gain additional levels in a reasonable amount to time, I’ll likely never get any of those items, either.

I use to be a hoarder as well. I’ve let all but 2 of my bnet accounts expire. There are only half a dozen characters on each one. Most are lvl 1 characters that I’m keeping because of their names.

SoJ isn’t a good ring for playing at a high level, it is best used to sell to Charsi.
Rare rings are far better than it. For a caster you can get 10% fcr, 15% mf, 40% gold from monsters, 40 life, 20 strgth, 15 dex, 15 energy, 90 mana, up to 40 resist for each element and poison and 11 resist all. A combo of any 4 of these on a ring is better than SoJ any day if the week.

It’s usually mid level players and duelers who think SoJ is a good or important ring in today’s game. It really has little value other than +1, which is meh at the highest level of game play. All melee players want either a RF and a duel leech rare with resistances, life and ar, of 2 rares of that same nature. My endgame rings always seem to end up being RF and DS.

I’m going to try to be more concise with this idea, and am going to be creating separate threads for the various “RUNS”, as that may be the best way to get focused discussions.

Andariel RUNS

Ok, so I made a thread specific to the act one boss in the link above, and this was done so that folks could (hopefully) follow along with the idea, and maybe just make some thoughtful comments on the concept, even if they themselves might not think that it would be their cup of tea.

One of the things that would concern me is, if the expansion were released, would the characters that wanted to make use of this content need to be character especially created with that expansion, or should the expansion allow such content for any characters that you wish to use that with?

If other words, LOD requires the player to choose between D2 classic, and Expansion, so if “The Runs” were to be made, would you need to make a special character to use this content? My thinking is yes, both from the perspective of keeping folks buying future content, and also to avoid making folks leave because they don’t want to be forced to play with this new stuff.

Right now, the bots are totally ruining the game, and if an expansion like what I am on about were to be made, and regular, legit players could, with a little in game work, gain easier access to bosses and levels where the ‘good stuff’ drops, then the advantages for the hacker/bots starts to go away. Add in the ability to kill a targeted boss(s) multiple time, without having to leave the game, and thus lower the load on the servers quite a bit, and we have a win win for everyone playing online today.