Has Blizzard given up on the US-East Ladder queues?

Are the queues here to stay this time? Although the queues have held relatively steady at a wait time of 5-6 minutes, the current stretch of time for the queues is going on what, two weeks without a reset? Have they gotten tired of resetting the servers just to solve the problem for a day or two?

I wish my connection quality to US-West Ladder wasn’t unplayable, or I’d play there come next season. I guess I’ll consider myself indefinitely retired from Diablo 2 battle.net play until the problem is permanently solved.


Activision and Blizzard doesnt give two cruds about anythign besides their mainstream game players on CoD who buy skins and stuff like WoW. All I can say is, Do not buy D 4. You would only support this monopoly further


Hypothetically: If you were a thief constantly breaking into a business and stealing their stuff, would you protest the company publicly telling people not to shop there because they added new security features that make it harder for you breaking in?

Just in the last hour or so, I’ve been experiencing far more FTJs after a 2000 to 3000 queue than usual. Maybe, they are working on something and it’s like a silent patch. I hope so.

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Back to hump Blizzards leg again lol I know you work for them stop acting son. Blizz backs China and made that clear when they banned the pro gamer for speaking out again the communism in China. You are a communist. Go away

Understand what I’m saying though? The servers are a mess because of hackers, and hackers are criminals. Again, it’s not all on Blizzard, people who support and use hacks are essentially criminals, and US East is hack central. So while you may think you’re smart by telling people to boycott Blizzard, you really are just spewing emotional drivel because Blizzard restricts how fast you can cheat.