Hardware Acceleration, Crashing, PC locking up

I’ve needed to disable hardware acceleration for the battle.net launcher as it will lock up my PC and cause it to crash.

Load the game and switch the setting? Hard lock manual reboot.

Considering I’ve been playing on the same PC since the launch of Classic and this is only a problem since the patch, It’s not me.
I’ve done the workaround, but it is just working around a problem that ya’ll created.

Maybe talk to your Devs and see who placed a semicolon in the wrong place.

Edit: Other people on my server are also having this problem and have only managed to be able to work around it by disabling hardware acceleration in the launcher settings.

Hey Funetics,

Technical issues are better served in the Blizzard App Technical Support forum. There’s currently a centralized thread there that Bliz is posting in. Read through the blue posts, give the troubleshooting steps a try and post any results you find.