Harassment, Neglect, & Hackers: A New Hope

Topic about how I am getting trolled by hackers, anyone had any similar issues? If so please post here. I lost a good portion of my conquest with hard earned playing time, so I open a ticket, and the response was, “let me be brief, we don’t have time to help you.” As to my amazement they closed the ticket. Is that a hacker with blizzard credentials, posing as an employee or the workplace culture. As someone who loves the game, this being my 3rd account starting over, when does persistence meet the antigen? Because it is starting to get old. I enjoy playing the game, but as a customer of over 15 years, I would expect better quality treatment other than, “you are a waste of time”. Thanks for hearing me out, to the blizzard community, thanks for providing a world to call home. But the trash hackers targeting this game and it’s player base have got to go. God forbid if you are like me, that same trash follows me on all the other games I have played and still play. Unbalancing the teams, rigging the system of play, even more so the despair that comes from it. It really makes the internet and safety an issue. I wonder why the phone wifi signal goes out whenever I play?..

That is an automated response providing a list of resources you can start with. If one of those does not help, you would open the ticket again.

Wait times are between 2 weeks and a month right now. There is a HUGE backlog of tickets for Blizzard CS due to multiple game releases, ban waves, customers returning, etc.

If you have a ticket number, keep that in and they will eventually get to your ticket.

thanks ms cheetah, but how is the game this overrun by hackers though, are they picking on a select number of players, or is it, massively out of control right now?