[Hallucinogen] app stuck

Sorry but this isn’t true. I tested it on new OS. Nothing installed but Windows 10 and all drivers for hardware. Blizzard app still stuck at 0% for around 10 minutes, then starts updating and stuck at 90% for another 10 minutes. System as all my drives are SSD. There is no 3rd antivirus installed and my ISP DL speed is 1Gb/s. So please take a look at your app. Thank you.

Howdy Hallucinogen,

Most people aren’t having any issues installing the Blizzard app. Even on a new OS install there could be permission issues so make sure you are installing on an Admin account. You may also want to try testing another network to see if there’s any change as it’s not uncommon for certain network restrictions to block the install.

I am having this problem. Im having to reinstall the app because the games were all stuck ‘Updating’ And ‘Waiting on another update’, so nothing could happen/would happen. Couldnt even uninstall the games properly.
Now upon reinstalling the battle.net app, its getting stuck at a certain %.