Hacked account. Please help!

I’m on alt right now because almost a year ago my account got hacked. I have an reciept on overwatch as proof of the purchase. The mail that I was using at the time is the same as this account but when I tried to log in to the old account with this mail it said that there was no account with that info and i suspect that this was because someone had changed email on the account.


You’ll need to contact Blizzard Support through a ticket; that type of issue cannot be resolved on the forums to protect your privacy and the account security.

There is a Support Article here that should help you:

You will also need to provide some official ID… see the following article for details:

Lastly… you will need to provide Blizzard with a new e-mail where your Overwatch license (and that of other games you might have) can be moved to. Do provide a copy of your Overwatch receipt with your ticket.

Hopefully, this can be resolved quickly.

I’ve made a ticket almost 48 hours ago and i provided both a id and receipt but no answers. Should I make a new one?


If you made a ticket and got a ticket number… then that is not required – actually, it only creates slowdowns if you send multiple tickets on the same issue.

I suspect things are rather hectic in Blizzard Support at the moment… with Overwatch 2 Beta now online and Diablo Immortal still generating a lot of issues. Give it some time and see if you get a reply. I saw your reply yesterday (2022-06-30)… but hoped one of the Blizzard tech would confirm the status of your ticket.

Good luck !