Hacked account not fixed yet

My account was hacked on Dec 28 2022 ,still waiting on a response from Battle.net to fix so I can play my 400 dollars worth of games I bought from them.
Update, my account has been fixed and I am back up and running. It did take 5 days.

Ticket times are around 5 days right now, depending on the issue. Some are faster.

Be sure that in the mean time, you figure out how someone got your email/password. It could be a phishing scam, use of same email/pass on another site that got compromised, malware on a device you used to log in, etc.

Once you have it back, be sure to add an Authenticator to it. That helps provide a backup means of securing your account. If you don’t already have it, be sure to use an email for your account that is also secured by secondary authentication. Gmail offers that service as do some others. If they are in your WoW account they are usually also in your email. Check for forwarding as well when you get back into things.