So I can’t get into my B-net because it want’s me to authenticate. Alright no problem. Go to use authenticator. Authenticator says it has a new location on the B-net app on phone! Okay fine no problem.

I download the new App. The new app asks for a user and password the same way the PC Bnet does. Log in. The mobile app asks to be authenticated…which launches the old app. The old app says go to the new B-net app.

You…see the problem, right? Fix this so I can put an authenticator back on my account. Why did you even change this? lmao

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Encountering the EXACT same problem. What sort of diversity hire came up with this idea? its ridiculous. No thought given to the inconvenience this creates for customers.

Did you see the ‘X’ at the top of the message in the original authenticator? I just had bnet ask me to approve after a restart and when I opened the authenticator it immediately popped up this stupid “Authenticator has a new home” message which I of course closed so I could approve my login which was the reason I was in the authenticator in the first place. Now there’s no message and no link to explain WTF that was all about. Completely agree with OP. This was a STUPID way to handle things. PLENTY of other ways Blizzard could have rolled this out.

Decided to come back to wow after several months away. I can’t login due to the same infinite loop of logging in that requires an authenticator that requires logging in to a battlenet account that requires an authenticator…

Managed to get it to work. After the battle net app asked me to authenticate I went back to the authenticator and hit a button on the right that then brought up the original authenticator. After I was logged into the battle net app it asked me to migrate the authenticator to the battle net app (which I did).