Guide quests won't complete

Under Codex and under Battlepass Guides. My Hell 1 guide quest, “Complete Mad King’s Breach in a party on Hell l” and my Hell 2 guide quest, “Complete Destruction’s End on Hell ll” won’t clear. I have run many of them in full parties and it still won’t clear and move on to the next objective.

Here with the same issue. Game won’t give credit on
Dark Wood 3/7: Dungeon: Complete the Forgotten Tower
Library of Zoltun Kulle 1/6: Dungeon: Complete Destruction’s End
Bilefin 1/7: Dungeon: Complete Kikuras Rapids
Frozen Tundra 1/5: Dungeon: Complete Cavern of Echoes
Realm of Damnation 1/4: Dungeon: Complete Pit of Anguish
Hell I 1/11: Complete Mad King’s Breach in a party on Hell I

So my partner has higher IQ than myself and solved at least my problem here; said she solved it by reverting back from Hell I to Normal and playing solo.

Not sure if this is helpful to anyone else, but here’s the solution to my problems.

Oh, just to further this. I asked my partner if I could do any dungeon? Turns out she tried that to, have to do the current quest that is showing as the current Guide quest.

EDIT: Okay, so now we’re hung on Mad King’s Breach quest as a party. The descriptions on how to complete these guides really need to be better so people can be… guided… to complete them.

We’re going to try getting a full party together to complete and will get back to you. Sorry to highjack this thread a bit, but we can’t be the only two finding frustration with Guide quests being incompletable.

Same here I’m stuck on mad kings breech I’ve done it 6 different times with different amounts of people in my party and it won’t continue no matter what I do… it’s soo frustrating…. Please fix this!!!

Yeah, we tried Mad King’s breach but had people drop out and had to re-add, so not sure if it needs to be a party that sticks through. I DC’d just as the last boss dropped too, but neither I nor my partner got credit.

Frustrating when these quests are meant to help point you to the next steps of progression.

Same problem here. Completed Mad King’s Breach with full, 3 members, 2 members on Hell 1 and it just won’t clear.

Anyone here had any luck or found any info? Still not able to finish these Guide quests.

I have same problem…

I finished mine by joining a random party but it never finished when I played with my partner as a preformed group.

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Same here. Wont let me finish Haunted Carriage

Just had to wait for 60 hours to cooldown. Did it again and still nothing…

I think what is clear is that the requirements for the Guide quests aren’t clear enough for what criteria you need to meet to complete the requirements on some of these quests. Be great if someone from Blizzard could take note of this thread.

So looks like the playing with randoms and not your friends (or in this case, my partner) is the key. We’ve both been knocking out the Guide now thanks to not trying to do things together.

I have tried destructions end with all clan, with warband members and a random, H2 STILL will not complete, last thing in my guide to be done and it won’t complete. no answer from blizzard that anone knows of???

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