Guaranteed 5 star gem in elder rift

I call bs. Been playing since day one. Spent hundreds in shop, mostly on crests. Should have at least three by now. Never even seen one drop for anybody. Nobody in my clan has had one drop for them. There’s not even a counter to let you know how close you are to getting that guaranteed drop - which I’m certain was by DESIGN and not an oversight. There’s not even a guarantee any of the devs will read this, let alone take the issue into consideration. Wtf, Blizzard? FIX IT! You’ve managed to ruin a perfectly wonderful franchise with your greed, stubbornness, and almost IMPOSSIBLE “customer support” system. Then these topics automatically disappear in a month? I have a hard time believing I’m the first or only person who has had this problem, and the game has been out how long now? Don’t have much confidence you will review this post, or fix this issue, before the post is automatically deleted. You’re welcome for the money, Blizzard…thanks for an even longer delay in an already beleaguered game.


i think you misread the crest help info. after 50 epic crests your not guaranteed a 5/5 gem. you are guaranteed a x/5 gem with the %ages of what rank listed below in order of 2 star to 5 star. Hope this helps with your confusion

No. You are mistaken. The exact language used is:

• For every 50 Legendary Crests used, you are guaranteed one 5-star Legendary Gem.
• The guarantee counter for Eternal Legendary Crests is separate from that of Legendary Crests.
• When a five-star legendary gem drops while using a Legendary Crests, QUALITY drop rates are:

5-star Quality 2: 75%
5-star Quality 3: 20%


It is in the language. A GUARANTEED 5-STAR DROP, PERIOD, end of sentence. With a percentage determining the QUALITY of that 5 star gem.

If you who responded to this are a player, you need to re-read it. If you are a developer, fkn shame on you. That means you know the language, read my post, and intentionally tried to manipulate and deceive a player attempting to create a ticket.


A 2/5 star gem is still considered a 5 star gem. It is not guaranteed that you will get a 5/5.

Maybe english is not OP’s first language

as a player i responded with exactly how the language reads. im sorry that you were unable to understand it fully but 2/5 as states is considered a 5 star gem. again this is not ment to harass or belittle you in any way shape or form its just how the language reads and is ment to be understood.

What OP is saying is that no varying quality of 5 star has dropped. You guys need to learn how to read.

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^^^ exactly! there is not one single player on the server I use that has or known anyone to ever get a 5 star of ANY quality to drop with a crest. Blizzard lied again!

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Same happens to me this week and also Im active player and spending money every month. It says is guaranteed 5/5 gems star and I didn’t get even 3/5 or 4/5 gems star and I spent 100 leg crests this week.

magioofchaos is correct. When it comes to the quality of the 5 star gem, it can be 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5. It’s not guaranteed 5/5.

For posterity’s sake, also note that the Legendary and Eternal Legendary counters are separate.

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