Guaranteed * / 5 gem

Hello, I used 100 legendary emblems in a row, I only got the 3/5 gem. The drop I got is a joke, but I mean something else. The rift rules say that every 50 emblems are guaranteed * / 5 gems. Why didn’t I get it?

What you have to understand is there is no guaranteed 5/5 star gem for using those crests.

You get a chance at a */5 gem and it can be anything from 2/5 to 5/5.

What? He got ONE 5 star gem, he didnt say anything about a 5/5*…you just read it wrong and responded without thinking.

Reread what he said…also, make sure you know the pity metric for 50 legendary crests so we dont make the same mistake.

AFAIK there is a separate counter for normal legendary Crest and eternal legendary Crest.
So if in your 100 crest there was even just one eternal, you did not quite reach the two times 50 crest.

But it’s clear that the random rolls did not do well for you…

I have two mages on two different realms. Not one of them have a five-star gem!

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