Group finder restriction - Wow Classic

Please reconsider that restriction. If you want reward people to use that service I can’t care less, but removing in-game functionalities for customers that don’t want that “authenticator” stuff really sucks. What’s next ?

I ran into a problem, I decided to send a ticket to support - here is the actual text of my appeal and the answer to it!

Good health!
I ran into a problem when searching for dungeons, it requires an identifier to be connected. I had it before, but the phone was reset to factory settings.
It didn’t bother me for a few months. New this month, coincidentally three times in a row they were thrown out of the game. And again began to require an identifier.
With great effort through SMS notification, it was possible to turn it off. Although, when entering the game, I NEVER performed this action, having performed it ONCE when setting the identifier!
I can’t install it again because my android device is so old that it doesn’t support Gogle Play Market since October last year (Android version 4.4.2.)
Can I get the apk file for re-installation to my email address
I’m sorry but I don’t see the point of changing phone because of one app!!!


Thank you for contacting Blizzard Support.

I understand your desire, but, unfortunately, we are unable to provide the installation file. The application can only be installed from the Google Play Market.

You can write feedback and suggestions to the developers - Authenticator Mobile Feedback Discussion - Blizzard Forums

I understand that this is not the answer you expected, but nevertheless I wish you all the best and good luck!

Game Master Sovitox
Blizzard Entertainment

I’m interested in the APK file to install on my old IQ 4413 Fly Evo Chick (4.4.2. android)