Group Dependence - Over the Top

Yep, it’s an MMO, so we all get the importance of activities that require interaction with others. Raids, Vault, world bosses, etc. However, when you cannot progress on the simplest things, like zone completion that require hidden lair items. It’s completely frustrating to have a hidden lair and then have to wait for a full group and hope the lair doesn’t close first. I gave up on hidden lairs outside of normal. Can’t run a dungeon , so now I’m standing around waiting for four people to run a dungeon real fast. Can’t do anything! Like, it just cuts you off if you aren’t in a group or a warband. Unfortunately , I bought the battle pass for the month so I’ll play to get the cosmetic and then I’ll probably be done. Wrath hits soon. It’s too bad Activision and now Microsoft are dragging the Blizzard logo/name through the mud with their capitalism. 8(

This isn’t capitalism’s fault… it’s corporate greed. Capitalism is giving the customer what they want for a price that keeps them coming back (repeat customers).