Grindy, buggy, boring.,

does anyone actually like playing the game or does everyone feel like you have to do this ridiculous grind just to be able to maybe do end game content? remember when you actually wanted to play wow. when you got a new peice of gear and you felt good about yourself and the time you spent getting it? there was a certain sense of pride and accomplishment. i wanna ask someone if they work for amway cause i feel like im caught in a pyramid scheme of grinding to able to grind to hopefully be able to raid and maybe be able to grind some more.and then when you think you might be done grinding… bugs or pissed off other players are there to great you for you efforts. i cant even find where to post this thread cause so many people complained in the past they like made forums covert or soemthing… please start making a worthy and quality game. this is just shyte. its a massive waste of time and a hollow feeling of gameplay.

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