Graphic is old, can not enter game

plz fix graphic, I want to play sc1


me too, i cant play game, blizzard kick me

me too, i cant play, blizzard kick me game :joy:[quote=“JackyJohnson-1698, post:1, topic:11018, full:true”]
plz fix graphic, I want to play sc1

It was just my pleasure to play the starcraft 1 during weekend with my daughter. However, blizzard thrown away this my last pleasure. I tried to update and upgrade my graphic card as your instruction but it has not been completed because of my old lap top. My daughter is now crying and disappointing. I’m also very sad. Please do take away our family pleasure and go back to old version graphic. I look forward to your positive reply. Thank you.

I had the same problem, but just solved by upgraded my window 8.1 to window 10.