Graphic Bug, Glitches since few days

Hey There,

I have some Graphic Issues with Diablo Immortal. The Issues looks like some flashes that glitches around my character: Class Monk, I try to made some pictures, but it’s really difficult to catch them.

I tried the following steps to repair it, but nothing worked:

  • Strip off my complete Equipment

  • The Game Option: Scan and Repair

  • Deleted and Reinstalled the complete Game

  • Deleted and Reinstalled my Graphic Drivers (Customer Service Member told me to do this)

There are a few things that make this issue a little bit strange:

  • People in my Group can see these flashes around my character too

  • When I’m playing on my Smartphone, I have the same issues

  • I created a new character (Class Necromancer) and there is no issue
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This was already reported five days ago…

…in that thread, the graphical glitches were a bright blue rather than the dull red you’re getting. Perhaps the colour’s dependant on the essence being used for the ability?

I have been having the same issue to the point where the screen tear is making me litterally sick to my stomack. This flashing is also not good for people who have epilepsie I am sure.

Hope this gets fixed soon. I love the game but not to the point where it makes me feel like throwing up.

PLEASE, I beg of you - fix this. Me and my monk are going blind! I’ve deleted, reinstalled, cleared cache, taken every last bit of armor (primary and secondary) off, set everything to the lowest resolution, and nothing works! The glitches happen in the world - the pop up screens - inventory, events, codex, maps,etc. are fine.

I barely started playing this game but have to quit due to three to four flashing lines that come out from my character anytime she moves (they seem to disappear when the character is still) went on Google, and this seems to be a common problem with no fix. Guess I’ll be uninstalling it since it’s not playable like this.

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