Graphic Bug after maintenence

It’s on my iPad gen7 and my iPad 12. Both with IOS 16.5. When I’m near other players in a party, it affects them as well…yes, I play a monk too.

It’s so bad I play only 10% of the time I normally do. Some schmuck from support said it was a hardware issue….when it’s on my iPhone, iPad and others pc it’s clearly NOT hardware….you are losing out on people playing because this glitch sucks

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I have tried playing my monk on 3 different computers. All with the same results I am seeing that people have posted. When I entered a dungeon other players could see the streaks also. I started another monk and so far no problems. At one point I noticed a piece of gear was causing it. When I removed it it was ok. As I found new items and equipped them it got worse.

Yup Diablo Immortal (

In the text of your Reddit post, you said…

I don’t know which ability it is exactly

I would refer you to the opening post of this thread…

Is there an update on a solution yet?

This happens even when not using Mystic Strike.

It has to do with cosmetics. There’s 4-5 cosmetics that I can use that do not cause the graphics glitch. It’s not a hardware issue, like some of your support likes to claim. It happens on PC and iPhone. Also, anyone in my party can see the glitching. Once I swap to a cosmetic that doesn’t cause it, I’m currently using Spawn of Damnation Indigo Armor, it goes away for them, too.

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I just started a new monk character on a high end PC and I’m not getting the blue triangles, but I’m getting their outlines flashing on screen rapidly at start of campaign which don’t go away as I play. Totally messed up. Other characters, no problem, just my monk. Open Beta indeed. Though appears to be not only PC related.

Thumbs up QA.

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I can confirm this as well.
In addition I am told by raid/party members, that they can also see the glitches around me, so it is not only local.
When equipping the new Hatred’s Heritage cosmetic set, the glitches are permanent not only on dash. This makes the cosmetic unusable.

Hopefully this bug will be recognized and handled

I came here to report this as well. Also a Monk, for me the glitches occur constantly, not during skill usage. They are however cosmetic related. If I remove all of my cosmetics the glitches stop. There are certain cosmetic armor and weapon combinations that are fine, but not the look I prefer nor the one I paid $$$ for.

was just experimenting with the cosmetics that glitched versus the ones that don’t.

It appears to be limited to the “main” chest cosmetic, not weapons. But I don’t have every cosmetic weapon.

The Contest of Knaves and the Battleground Brawl sets both Glitch both only if the helmet is hidden. For both of these, if I put the helmet on the glitching ceases.

The Lilith set glitches, the Flaming Valor does not - both don’t support helmet hiding helmet, so its not just the helmet that’s causing the problem but hopefully this helps the devs get on the right track.

This is reproducible on iPad, PC and Android Phone.

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