Graphic Bug after maintenence

Hi there, after the latest maintenence/patch on wednesday 05/24 a graphic bug appears on PC version concerning the character class Monk when using the skill Mystic Strike. While dashing forward light blue polygones/artefacts appear in a very quick sequence all over the screen (fast enough to cause epileptic seizure). They are hard to screenshot due their quickness, nevertheless I caught some of them (don’t know how to add jpgs to a topic).

Intel i9-9900KF CPU
Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit) 22H2
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 4 GB
Driverversion 531.79


I can confirm that’s an issue on on my iPad also. Only on my monk char an I don’t have that spell u talked about active.

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Im having the same issue on my monk on Android, it does it no matter what skill I use. It triggers a quick succession of flashing triangle like shapes and colors on the screen to the point its almost unplayable. Ive tried repair client and no luck, this is a trigger for migraines and seizures so please fix.

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Im having the same issue on my monk on PC. It doesn’t matter what skill I use. It’s unplayable.

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I have the same issue with my monk on my iPhone,

I tried uninstall the game and reinstall but the problem persist!

Please fix it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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  1. Upload your screenshot to a free image hosting site, e.g. imgur
  2. Copy the URL of your screenshot to the clipboard
  3. Paste the URL of your screenshot into your post
  4. Highlight the URL in your post
  5. In the Edit window click the </> button to convert it to pre-formatted text
  6. The result will be similar to this…
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Thanx to Meteorblade I now can post some links to my screenshots:

I hope that this will help finding and fixing the bug.

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I have the same issues on iPad with monk. I don’t even have to use any skills or do anything–lines and geometric shapes are contually flashing. Game is completely unplayable.

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I’m having the same problem, please fix it soon pc

Same here. iPhone SE 3rd gen. Even standing still crazy shapes and screen tearing happening after update. Only on monk. Wizard is perfectly fine.

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Same here. PC. Even standing still crazy shapes and screen tearing happening after update. Only on monk. Game is UNPLAYABLE.

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Embedding those for you…

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Has anyone tried changing their class, then changing it back?

I made a lvl 1 monk just to test and it wasn’t effected. So I guess it has something to do with monks loggin in after the update.

Seeing occasional graphics glitches like this as well since the last update, on PC.

I’m a Crusader, so it’s not just affecting Monks.

I am also having the same graphic issues since update ,but, the shapes aren’t blue mine are brown but same shapes and also on monk and I’m on a PC please any fixes

Any news about this topic?

Im still having the same problem since last update and its unplayable.

Please! Thanks

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I have the same thing. With each patch we have new functionality.
This time it’s disco. :mirror_ball:

I had the same problem with my monk, however when I changed costume to one I’d never worn before all brown/blue fields disappeared. Hope this tip can help someone.

I tried the same, didn’t make a difference.

Out of desparation I changed my class to barbarian and the glitches disappeared. However, when I reverted they all came back.

Yeah, maybe it was a coincidence. However, it disappeared all of a sudden and I have no idea why. :upside_down_face: