Gorgothra Hell 2 NO Rewards

I got few days into the game , i thought maybe i didn’t complete something at first

Basically I don’t get the solo rewards from hellquary on Gorgothra hell 2 but upgraded me to hell 3 , last week no rewards , this week also no rewards , i tried to do Hell 3 first one and no rewards either , am I doing something wrong ? Clearly is a bug…

Svngolden ingame name

This is set out clearly in the patch notes from 14th December 2022 and raids have been this way for almost six weeks now, which means for 11-12 resets…

Patch Notes - Voidbound Helliquary

  • Demonic Remains will now drop after each Helliquary boss is slain. You will only receive remains for your first five kills following each Helliquary reset on Monday and Thursday.

If you’ve already killed five bosses in the reset, any further bosses you kill in that reset will give you zero rewards.


As far as I can tell, they nerfed drop rate hardcore after christmas. I was getting a leg per run for the first 5, now I get zero. Game is once again unplayable due to drop rate after being playable for a few weeks finally.

Whoever is in charge clearly doesn’t want this game to be fun or anybody to spend money. I recommend boycotting until they fix it. It’s what everyone I know does. Had a good few weeks though. RIP

Lol unplayable. I started this game late and ive been able to get into hell 7 BEFORE the server even reached the required paragon. Thats only possible with gear drops. So yeah so unplayable lmao. Spunds like you should be looking for a different game that hands you everything for nothing.

Edit. And looking at you other “contributions” around here, learn the meanings of a discussion forum and a bug report forum. Youre so edgey, you Nancy.