Ghosted, What to do?

2 days ago I was signed out of my Blizzard account for no apparent reason. When trying to sign back in, I’m told my pw is incorrect (it isn’t). When requesting a reset code be emailed to me, no code is sent. It’s been about 48 hrs since I opened a ticket, no word from Blizzard support. There is no live chat option, and no support phone number.

I don’t know what to do. Any advice?

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First make sure you are using the right Bnet account email. That is what it uses for account name. If you have two similar email addresses then you may actually be trying to log in to the wrong one and it is sending emails to a different email. Check carefully. This is the most common reason people can’t get into their Bnet account (esp if they have more than one).

Otherwise, you may have a compromised account. When they do that they use phishing tricks and/or malware to get your email address and Bnet password. They often are in your email too so can intercept password change requests.

  1. Scan your PC with Malwarebytes (free is fine) and with a virus scanner. Not at the same time.

  2. When the PC is free of malware make a NEW email that you will use only for Bnet. Select one that has secondary authentication like a code sent to your phone. Gmail allows that.

  3. Follow the Support prompts to put in a ticket. They can help you find the right account if you somehow forgot your email address (easy if you have many), or if you were hacked. They will ask for ID. Be SURE to remove it from your PC or devices when the ticket is done. Make SURE you get a ticket ID when you submit it. If not, you likely did not quite get through the system correctly.

  4. Ticket times are very long right now. It may take a couple days but account access is important.

  5. Once you get your account access back, switch to the new email that you know is secure/only for Bnet. Don’t ever use it for other things.

  6. Last, put an Authenticator on the account - it is a free app from Blizz that prevents logins from others and also keeps the account security from locking you out when you change IP addresses.

That SHOULD be all you need to know, but if you have questions feel free to ask.

Good advice, thanks. Still it all rests on them getting back to me. Estimated time was 24hrs. It’s been 48 and I just have a bad feeling I won’t hear anything.

Here’s what makes the situation a little more strange:

I’ve been able to get into my acc. using another email, and also using my Apple ID. However, both times when I try and play WC3 (my only Blizzard game), it says “error handling request.” So it seems like I get into my account, but not really, cause I can’t actually use it to get on bnet. I’ve been expecting/hoping that receiving a reset code for my original email would do the trick, like this is the only email that will convince bnet it’s me, or something. But I have no idea. The fact that I can get in with different emails but not play my only game worries me. I wish I could just scrap the acc and make a new one without having to spend $40 again on WC.

Then that is the email that belongs to your Bnet account. That is your account name. If you put a diff email in the email field then the game won’t recognize it.

Check your ticket history and make sure you actually have one open. For account issues it should have already been answered if the estimate was 24 hours.

There should be an option at the top right of the website in the Support section. Click “My Tickets”

If you don’t have a ticket there on the Bnet account you used to submit the ticket, submit another one.

Also think really carefully. I have never heard of issues with the email changing on its own back to a different one that you still use. Mostly it is a memory thing. I am not saying you are wrong, just saying I have not heard of it before :slight_smile:

What about the Apple ID? When I sign in with it, it says something which isn’t even an email is my email.

I have no idea at ALL how that might work. I have nothing connected to my Bnet account so only log in using my account name (email) and password.

I don’t work for Blizz so I don’t know if they changed any systems. There are times the web cookies let you log in there, but you can’t get onto the Bnet app to launch games. In that case make sure your ticket is properly submitted, or put in a second one if the Support link to “My Tickets” does not show one being open for you.

Yeah, doesn’t say I have any tickets submitted.

I saved my last (2nd) ticket ID, it’s US75916686 (in case a rep read this…).

Submitting a 3rd ticket seems futile.

So I’ve got 2 unresolved tickets, and I’m able to get into my account with an email I created 10 years ago for google and forgot about till 2 days ago (hence definitely didn’t use it a few months ago to make a Bnet account*), and with my Apple ID, neither of which let me play games or acknowledge that I’ve submitted tickets.

Again, wish I could just delete the whole thing but not have to re-purchase the game. Maybe I’ll just buy it again and if I ever hear from Blizzard ask them to refund my broken one…

*Also, when it logged me out, the email and password I’d been using was still saved and written in, I just had to press “log in,” except it told me my pw was wrong. Also, when I sign in with gmail or Apple ID, if I try and put my original email as my contact email in my account settings, it tells me that email is already in use - to which I say, yes, because it’s my bnet email… lol

At this point a Rep is the one who has to help. I don’t work for Blizz so have zero powers - I am a regular forum poster with green text.

All I can do is help with common issues and make sure you get directed to the proper area to get help - in this case your ticket is in so assuming it went in under the right category, it should be dealt with.

Glad you posted the ticket number here. Hopefully one of the reps stops by this weekend.