Getting *just* recent_events from Character Achievements API

For my website, I need to get the recent_events key from the Character Achievements API for my character. However, this comes with the crush of 2000+ achievements I have earned, which I do not need. How do I get just the key I need? Is there something similar to a fields=recent_events in the querystring that’s just undocumented?

If nothing like this exists, are there plans of modernizing the API to allow for this, or at least plans for breaking up this mammoth API into smaller APIs? A monolithic approach to APIs like what you currently have can be an anti-pattern for both producer (having to provide extraneous data for each call) and consumer (having to sift through the extraneous data to find what is needed), not to mention the massive waste of bandwidth for both parties.

Some of us want fewer endpoints so we can submit fewer HTTP requests for our data, others want more endpoints so we don’t have to download as much data.

Blizz API devs can’t win. :wink:

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Well, the preference would be to modernize the API by allowing us to pick and choose the fields we need. Breaking up the API would be my 2nd choice, but desirable over a monolithic API that I can’t control the output from.