Getting annoyed with lack of 'support'

Been trying to navigate through the ever-so-annoying “help is just a few clicks away” links in support, trying to get to a live chat or callback option, to no avail.

I need help and cannot get it though your ‘sophisticated’ system.

Comments from anyone other than actual Blizzard employees will be disregarded and ignored.


I have the exact experience , a more advanced customer service system needs to be implemented.

I have been waiting for a response on a ticket for days, not even a simple automated reply, nothing,…

You are here to provide money
Thats it.
Pay Bliz and move on.
support as you call it is something you need to be taught not to need.
It costs money and cuts into profits

You are not going to get a comment from a Blizzard staff member. The only way to guarantee you get one of those is to put in a ticket.

What are you trying to get help with? Live chat or phone callback are only for a limited set of issues usually related to account access issues or some billing issues.

This forum is for issues installing and running Immortal. If you have a tech issue, you can state it and it is possible a Blizz Forum Support agent might be able to assist, if you don’t get tech support via ticket first.

Putting a ticket and getting a reply, that’s automated, with close to no resolve whatsoever , no details, just copy and paste.

I have just experienced first hand how pathetic the customer service system really is.

This needs more attention

Good luck blizzard don’t care about anything but getting money and messing with people. They will not give any support they can careless and long as people spend money there will never be any support because they don’t care

I have put in 4 tickets and they never help they never respond tickets don’t work

They are required to respond to tickets unless you put in duplicates. Did you get a ticket number when you submitted it? If not, then you did not actually succeed in putting in the ticket.

Ticket times can be a few days though, it is not instant. Should be between 24 and 48 hours though in most cases.

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