Get what you paid for!

**call of duty cold war ultimate edition I received none of the bonus content and I also was led to believe that while playing the beta that any unlocks for weapons and stuff that you earned and also the level you reached on weapons and account progression would be saved and applied to account upon the full game release…I got nothing…all weapons are at level 1 and no characters skins or characters unlocked like woods…I have woods in warzone but not on cold war…I put in a lot of time in the beta for this purpose and now I have to start all over…I paid for the ultimate edition so I would have land air and sea pack skins few weapon blueprints and character skins and got nothing I paid for how is someone to get what they paid for or at least get the 30.00 refund cause I received nothing more than someone who paid for the basic copy…this is a problem with games these days with micro transactions and the greed from the gaming industry trying to make a billion dollars off a game and screw the customer right out the gate from day 1 of game release…This is an issue and I know I’m not the only person that didn’t get what they paid for…

Does anyone know how to contact or who to contact to get this resolved or at least try to get resolved?**

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