Get back account with username

Hello. Don’t know if this is the place for this but I accidentally created a new battlenet account thinking it would link with my account when I logged in. Instead it just made a new account and all my progress from Overwatch and all Blizzard games is gone. I don’t have the login credentials for my real accout but I do have my username. I know the account still exists because my friend is able to see me on battlenet. Can anyone help with this? Oh and I already put in a support ticket, was jus trying here to see if I can get back in with my username.

Not that I know of…

You will need to wait for a reply on your ticket.

get ahold of cs is your best bet. i had a stolen account recovered with ease by phone that way-if you have info that you could only get by being the account owner, it helps to have it handy; cd keys, credit card numbers, addresses entered, etc. (mine was my wow account, and i had the cd keys for 3 out of the 4 games\expansions i had previously bought{yes it was that long ago lol} and they restored my account in an afternoon)