Gearstore awful quality of packing

I really wish there was a better place for this but I think Blizzard needs to be made aware about how often items ordered through the new Fanatics partnership arrive damaged due to lackluster packing and care. My Collector’s Edition pop-up book arrived today in a BIG box with ZERO protection. No paper, no air pillows, NADA. And so of course that means the item arrived damaged. You can check community groups outside of this forum and see the countless photos of HILARIOUSLY BAD packing that Fanatics does.

You know the old gear store? Those boxes were not only branded but used to have a cute blurb inside about all the care and quality that would go into the gearstore and it’s items. Now it’s a big corporate mess.


I’ve given up. Super sad that Blizzcon has been cancelled (although I understand completely why, and agree with the decision as necessary) as I was planning on doing my shopping for the year and maybe picking up some D4 merch. Now I’m going to have to wait almost 2 years for anything. My bank account will be happy; me, less so. But I refuse to do business with a site that a) looks like crap, and b) damages half of what it sends. I’m still waiting for a replacement cover for the server blade that they sent without any protection whatsoever. Not to mention all the “get this discount that expires in 10:25:30 seconds” and popups that load the second you visit the site are hugely unprofessional and already make me not want to order anything. I miss the Blizzard-run gear store. Used to check it at least every few weeks for new stuff. Now I just get sad.